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Starter package for simple portfolio website
$150 5 days
$200 2 days
  • Number of Words 1000
  • SEO Compliant
  • Number of Focus Words 3
  • Number of Revisions 2
  • Home Page
  • Professionally Written


Starter package for small team website
$390 1 week
$490 4 days
  • Number of Words 2500
  • SEO Compliant
  • Number of Focus Words 5
  • Number of Revisions 5
  • About Us Page
  • Home Page
  • Contact Page
  • FAQ
  • Professionally Written


Starter package for large website
$890 5 week
$1290 2 week
  • Number of Words 5000
  • SEO Compliant
  • Number of Focus Words 10-12
  • Number of Revisions 5-8
  • Competitor Research
  • Audience Research
  • Home Page
  • About Us Page
  • Contact Page
  • Product Page
  • FAQ
  • Professionally Written
Pricing Plan

Frequently asked questions

We often get asked the same questions. We've put the most common in this section.

GFXHouse Content Writing Services include: • Content SEO-friendly content writing. • Blog writing. • Social site development. • Other promotional content-related services. We value your time and money. So, we are committed to providing the best service to all our clients with our passion and creative ideas.

Our content service includes content writing, blog writing, social site posts, and other promotional tasks through content. We provide 100% researched keyword-based article so that your brand rank fast through google and generate more traffic.

As a team, we can ensure better articles, reduce errors, and check the output by editors that you can't get from a freelancer. You will get additional benefits while revising the project and faster delivery due to teamwork. You need to wait more time when he is a single freelancer.

Yes, we write articles for all valuable topics. Also, we provide our clients with future-proof ideas and high-ranking keywords. We have enough flexibility to write about any topic. You can count on our experts

GFXHouse is a digital agency that brings together experts in all fields with over three years of experience. So, you don't have to worry about the output of every product you get from us, from branding to content writing.

Good content is original, actionable, and answers a question. The content must be unique, concise, grammatically correct, and organized. Good content helps get likes and shares and rank well in major search engines.

Check out our pricing plans for content writing. This plan covers all the costs of our services divided into three sections. You can contact our team if you have any questions about pricing plans.

Here are the top six things we try to ensure while writing articles and blogs. • High-profile keyword. • Easy to read. • Better adaptability. • SEO optimized. • Communication type. • True knowledge.

If we have enough resources, it will take 3 to 5 hours to complete the article of one thousand words. We revise more than once, edit as needed, and submit when all members have finalized the content. We will extend the writing time for the necessary research if research is required.

We rate based on research, writing, proofreading, editing, and spending time on the phone and Skype chat. First, we briefly examine your company, products, target customers, and market situation. Next, we make a copy of the article that includes your requirements. Then we will finalize the charge.

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