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Fahad Hasan

Website developer

Welcome to GFXHouse Digital Agency. This is Fahad Hasan, a young professional web designer who is here to make your dreams come true! Since 2018, I have completed over 150 projects with WordPress and Shopify. My top priority is the client's requirement with quality output and I am flexible with working hours and budget.

I can design any kind of website with WordPress and Shopify in a very Modern and Professional way.
My major objective is to provide high-quality service to clients. My top priority is the client's requirement for quality output.
Moreover, I am a one-man army to provide high-quality designs, and am always committed to long-term relationships with my clients.

At the moment, I am a developer at GFXHouse Digital Agency. Here, I have met with some talented colleagues who are expert in different sectors. This team gives me motive to work more fluently. Now, I can focus my energies on the web. It's been a wonderful decision and I'm looking forward to the great opportunities it will bring.

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