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9 Great Brand Identity Examples to Inspire Your Next Rebranding Project


Let’s move away from the usual example of great brand identities like Apple, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, and Intel. Let’s discuss the underdogs that are having a blast with their tone of voice and aesthetic. Think about a product line that has won your heart. It may be something you’ve purchased from them, their symbol, or even […]

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Collaborate with a Custom Logo Designer to Create Your Logo


The going rate for a custom logo designer in the US is $100 to $3000+. Things like quality, the artist, and the design process all have a role in the price. A well-designed logo is an investment that small companies and startups should think about making. To succeed in today’s competitive business climate, you need […]

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Counting the Pennies: A Breakdown of Custom Logo Design Cost in 2024

How-much-Custom-Logo-Design-Cost 2 by GFXhouse graphic agency

Your logo is a key player in telling the world about your business. Whether you’re revamping your brand or beginning from scratch, a memorable custom logo is essential. Investing in a professional logo design might transform your side hustle into a lucrative attempt as it’s often the first thing people see. The burning issue now […]

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