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Branding-vs-Identity-vs-Logo-Design Gfxhouse igital branding agency

Are you planning to start a business and make a brand logo? Then you must earn your brand reputation. The first step is to jump online and create your brand identity through branding and a quick logo design that symbolizes your brand.

Are you confused? Wait, don’t say like others that you think branding, identity design, and logo design are the same. Not. These three are three different things. A simple logo is the core element of your brand identity. Although the three terms are closely related, branding vs. identity vs. logo design helps you differentiate.

How to Build A Brand?

To grow your business worldwide, you need to build your brand and a brand logo. Your brand is a combination of Branding, Identity & Logo Design. Nobody knows about the behind scene of a new business when a business turns into a brand. People have feelings, ideas, and opinions about that business but they never know how it makes Branding, Identity & Logo Design. The brand is what consumers think about a business. Ann Handley said, “Brand is the image people have of your company or product. It’s who people think you are. It’s the “emotional aftertaste” that comes after an experience with a product, service, or company.”

There are three key factors everyone has to follow to build a brand.

Building a brand depends on every single strategy you take for your business. It is about the service, how, and where you offer it. You can be a brand if the customer connects with you and your products.

There are so many businesses surrounding your local area. You cannot specify each business as a brand though every business sells its products. But if there is a KFC or IKEA in your area, you can call it a brand because you know that KFC can provide you with the tastiest and crispy burgers. IKEA can help you with stylish furniture at an affordable price.

And what about other businesses? Do you know every name? Hopefully, you get the answer. This is how a brand name connects with our life. It is all about belief, hope, and feelings.

Let’s check out the three key factors of building a brand. You know what they are. If you think they are the same, you are wrong. They are related but not the same.

Branding vs Identity vs Logo Design

Branding vs Identity vs Logo Design is the three key factors in building a brand. Now, you will know how they are related and how these terms are different from each other.

What is Branding?

Showing your business as a brand is completely in the consumer’s hands. But there are certain things you can take as a business owner so that people feel your business is a brand. We called it brand awareness. For brand awareness, you need to control the steering of the bus. Then take the necessary steps to operate the business the way customers like it, like the relationship between driver and passenger. Mind it; you will lose consumers’ faith if you drive wrong.

Branding is a strategic process that helps to build a brand. Companies try to identify their products and services to customers by branding. They show a reason why people should buy their products.

It is a long process. proper branding could be a game-changer in your business growth. Here is the full branding process in short.

We have an article about the art of branding. It may help you to know more about branding.

What is Brand Identity?

Brand identity includes the company’s visual characteristics and entire presentation to the public. Simply, brand identity is what we see. It includes everything visuals to show your business. GFXHouseBrand designers do so by making branding identity design.

Every business should uniquely make its own identity so people can easily identify the brand. You have to remember that, in this way, the world will see you. The brand identity process includes designing all essential identity materials like

  • Logo
  • Banner
  • Stationery
  • Business cards
  • Signature
  • Packaging
  • Key colors and fonts

You should simplify all these in a way so that you can tell the story of your business. It must feel like you are highlighting your business. Our expert team will help you with brand style guidelines to make a better identity. Thus, your brand and brand logo will easily stand over the crowd.

And the most important thing about brand identity is not to be inconsistent. Like Pepsi and Coca-Cola, they have different approaches to visualizing their products. Pepsi uses blue; Coca-Cola always uses red and white. You may even see a shade of this color in their advertising and product placement. If you look at Coca-Cola’s typographic font, you can say in a second, “This is Coca-Cola.” This is the true consistent way of identification.

What is Logo Design?

A logo is an element of brand identity design. It is a visual representation of a brand name. It is like a trademark, designed only for company recognition. You can consider the logo design as a part of your branding. This is important because it is a core part of your brand identity. It helps visualize a brand. But it’s not the brand itself.

A logo will likely appear on most touchpoints with customers and other stakeholders, such as websites, brochures, stationery, products, packaging, advertising, uniforms, stores, etc. It helps you understand which brand of product you are buying. So, it must be simple and unique so that people can remember it for a long time.

Finding a professional logo designer is difficult as it is not an easy task to highlight your story and vision through a single icon. You need the help of experts. GFXHouse Digital Branding Agency is where you can find professional experts with long experience in this field.

Final Verdict

Branding is a big picture that includes branding, identity design, logo design, and many more. Undoubtedly, a brand results from the hard work of all members associated with your business. A branding agency needs to know how to use various tools for branding to create a company’s image.

By knowing Branding vs Identity vs Logo Design, you can apply some successful strategies. Write it; your brand will start to spread once. Whatever method you follow, GFXHouse graphic design services are always on your side for success.

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