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How to Make A Cool Logo 7 Easy Tips for logo design Beginner by gfxhouse

So, you are a beginner in the logo design market and want to make a cool logo? There are many tips and tricks surrounding the internet to teach you how to make a cool logo. But trust me, you cannot make it professional until you get everything about a great logo.

A logo plays a vital role in a brand. You won’t find any large brands without a logo. Remember, no matter how beautiful you make a custom logo design if it is not a proper logo it has no value. It is all about your creativity and art technique.

So, we will share 7 easy tips on how to make a cool logo for a business brand. You can learn about brand identity, what makes an excellent logo, how logo designs, and all other processes. Let’s get started. It’s time to show your talent.

History of Company Logo Design

While logos may seem recent, the desire to set yourself apart goes back for centuries. At that time, symbols existed to communicate your status and personal values. The history of a logo also goes back to ancient family crests and hieroglyphs besides symbolism.

Traditional crests distinguished soldiers during a battle in medieval Europe. That symbolic crest was a collection of images, words, the soldier’s family lineage, power, achievement, and common symbols such as a lion, tiger, or wolf’s head. We see this type of logo or brand representation in most sports teams.

Furthermore, the ancient Egyptians used specific symbols to communicate precise messages. Those symbols are called hieroglyphics. It was a strategic artwork decorated with paintings that helped in visual communication. Modern logo concepts are also a representation of those hieroglyphics.

What Males A Cool Logo

What we thought in school and what we think of the word “cool” as adults are entirely different. This word has a broad meaning. “Cool” means unique, standard, professional, visually appealing, and different from anywhere else. This cool word has different meanings in logo design & branding.

Logo making business is not locked in a single meaning. Let’s look at the different meanings:

Simple: Most brands want simple and minimalist logos, so their consumers are not confused. Instead, consumers can quickly know what value their brand provides.
Unique: Unique logos are always cool if they are simple. When a logo stands out among everything and looks fresh and unique, the brand can introduce them as cool. Unique logos look daring also.
Trendy: Trendy logo making like retro or vintage logos is cool. The trend will change. To find cool logos, you should check logo trends in 2022.
Bold: In the gaming zone, the bold logo is very popular. It doesn’t look good if you create your own logo for a sports team. In that case, a bold and aggressive logo is the perfect definition of a cool logo.

I love the vintage monochrome logo as a cool design. It varies from person to person. The Black and white combination always stands out from any crowd.

7 Tips to Design Cool Logos

When designing a logo, don’t just open the software on the laptop and start creating. You have to go through some processes to make it cool and perfect. Don’t hurry while making a logo. Take time to research and think about what you want to make actually.

These 7 tips will help a lot if you are a beginner who has just started learning.

1. Understand The Audience

You must focus on the brand approach and consumers’ expectations of the brand. If you fail to do so, your consumers cannot connect with the logo. Then it can be hard to make brand value. 

You have to listen to the brand story, take it in your mind, and feel the story in your heart. Then you can easily visualize the picture of a perfect cool logo.

2. Build Many promising Pictures

A logo is nothing but just a picture that carries thousands of meanings. You need to see many inspirations to visualize your picture. Design logo graphics of separate things in your vision. Then wrap the most meaningful images. It is a fancy way to make a cool logo.

3. Keep The Logo Clean

You have to make a clean logo. It cannot be crowdy. People should read it from a distance. No matter the size of the logo, it must be kept in mind so that it does not bother the eyes. A clean, minimalist logo comes in handy during poster, brochure, t-shirt printing, etc.

4. Check Out The Competition

If you want to get ideas, competitive analysis is the best way. Many competitors of your brand working with are already available in the market. Most of them already have the best logo. While taking inspiration from those logos, find ways to differentiate your logo from them.

5. Use Professional Color

The color palette is one of the most important considerations in logo idea design. Colors have meaning. So, it’s not just a decision because color can speak. If the brand specifies the color, do what they say. Otherwise, explore rich color palettes as more as possible. And don’t use more than three colors in one logo.

6. Choose The Design Style

There are many cool logotypes or styles you can apply to your branding graphic design. If you start searching, you cannot end. Here, we will show the trendy styles in 2023.

  • Minimalist logo.
  • Typographic logo.
  • Vintage logo.
  • Mascot logo.
  • 3D logo.
  • Abstract logo.
  • Monochromatic logo.
  • Edgy logo.
  • Symbolic logo.

All these logo styles are clean and simple, as always preferred by clients. You can try any of these logo styles.

7. Try Different Fonts

Fonts reflect the personality of an image. There are also trends in what consumers want to see. More than 70% of logos come with Sans Serif fonts. Roboto, Helvetica, and Proxima are great script fonts that we have seen in many professional company logo designs. Moreover, display fonts are popular in the music industry.

You should follow these seven tips to create a cool logo as a beginner. You must use 100% of the seven tips. Otherwise, your design will be void. The void design does not look cool in all aspects.

Final Verdict

We have covered all the crucial things about cool logos in this article. Hopefully, you can define what a cool logo is and how to make a cool logo. Since you are the designer, you have complete freedom to choose the logo of your choice. The output will be best if you try to be true to your design.

So, what are you waiting for? Open Adobe Illustrator and start creating different ideas design logo.